Monday, August 20, 2012

Montreal Wedding Guest

Dress- Francesca's Collection's, Belt- BCBG Maxazria, shoes- Jessica Simpson, necklace- from Israel

I spent the weekend in Montreal with the family (minus one brother). I was quite nervous for a 6 hour drive in a small car with my parents and brother- it's a lot of intimate family time! but I managed. It was worth it to be able to attend the wedding of an extremely good family friend of ours. The wedding was truly beautiful. I did get a little emotional because the mother of the groom, who was like a second mother to me, is no longer with us. But her presence was definitely felt throughout the day and I'm sure she would have loved the new addition to her family.
Montreal is gorgeous. I am loving the old architecture of many of the buildings. That and the flowers/landscaping throughout the city really create a lovely ambiance to the whole city. The weather was also an extremely welcome break from the constant humidity I've been feeling. It was a perfect cool. We went on a walk up to a beautiful view of Montreal. Standing at the overview with the wind blowing through my shirt and the warmth of the sun on my skin staring into the view was just breathtaking. I wish I could have taken pictures of the entire scene to show you but unfortunately I could not have a camera or phone on me due to it being the Sabbath. Next time, I promise!
But I did get some iphone pictures of my wedding outfit. I got this dress a while ago from Francesca's Collections. It's not the most expensive so I was a little wary to wear it to a wedding but I thought I was able to dress it up with the nicer belt, which I actually just scored on sale from Lord and Taylor (sorry I can't find it online anywhere). What do you guys think of this outfit for a daytime August wedding with an outdoor ceremony?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Chunky Golds

As we stroll through August I realize that it's about that time where we are supposed to be getting super pumped for the new fall season of clothes... but I'm not quite there yet. Maybe it was because I barely had time to go shopping this summer due to my extremely busy schedule and internship (i know, no time for shopping? How could I?!) but I'm still craving summer sandals (both flats and heels) and cute dresses.
But I do think all the fall excitement has hit me just a tad. I'm really looking forward to all the textures this fall. Textures are an amazing way to add some flaire to an outfit and I kind of like it better than the neon pops that have been in style this summer- I'm not such a neon girl. I love this Stylemint Parker Vest and I've been obsessing over this coat from Nasty Gal. You'll have to check back for more fall obsessions as the season inches closer and I start getting a little more excited. For now you can check out my current, seasonless obsessions- chunky gold jewelry.

Chunky Golds

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Classic Striped Tee

Striped Tee on sale at Aritzia, Old Navy shorts (old), Aldo Boots, Michael Kors Sunglasses (old), bag from a random boutique  
I think for my first outfit post it's only proper to stick to a major basic- the striped tee. You'd think it would be easy to find the perfect one but I've come to discover otherwise. I've been searching high and low and I've finally come to the conclusion that even though it's a basic tee it's ok to spend a few more dollars on it. Actually, the basics are probably the best items to spend more money on. But I'm a student- therefore it's always difficult for me to spend money knowing that I'm not exactly adding any money to the bank at the same time as I'm draining it. Thankfully I have wonderful parents who continue to support me.
I actually lucked out and found this tee on sale at Aritzia for only $20- never mind spending a little more. Looks like I didn't have to- this time. It's a large but was the only one left and I actually like the looser fit so I grabbed it up before anyone else could. I adore the scoop neck in the back. It's the perfect touch of subtle sexiness. It's a refreshing change from the cleavage popping tees. And check out these booties from Aldo! I'm super excited to have them to transition from the summer to fall.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The First of Many

She really knows how to balance fitted and frilly, structured and loose
Could there be a more perfect way to do casual?!

As you will soon find out, I love belts!

*Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to have taken any of these images*
Since this is my first post I've decided to compile some photos from a few of my personal style icons- Olivia Palermo, Audrey Hepburn, and Kate Middleton to name a few. These fashion icons share one thing in common- they are classic girls that always look modern and put together. Their styles could go from one time period to another and they would still look good. They tend to stick to the classic style and add just a flair of something trendy.
I'd say my personal style is pretty similar. About a month in to college I realized that all my friends were joking behind my back that I always look "classy." To be honest, at first I hated feeling branded (it's because of my massive fear of commitment). However, I've slowly come to love and embrace it as the perfect way to describe my tendency to add a flair of this-or-that in my outfits but never quite fully embrace one style or the other. I keep it classy :)
I guess most people in college (maybe with the exception of NYU) tend to stick to school logo'd sweatpants and sweatshirts or of course the o-so-unique leggings and loose sorority tank top, with Uggs and a Northface in the cooler months- I do not approve. Your style should be like your personality. I love that each of my friends have a different personality. We are all quirky and unique and together we complement each other in the best way possible. Fashion should be the same way. It is the first way anyone I meet gets to know what I'm about. It's my way of expressing my mood and thoughts each day.
I've been contemplating blogging for a while now. At first it just started with me stalking other fashion blogs. In the hopes of being more that just an observer in a world I've been secretly stalking for some time, I've decided to start my own blog. My hope for this blog is to help me connect with the wonderful world of fashionable people who will hopefully appreciate, enjoy, and share advice on my personal outfits and random things I find interesting, memorable, or inspiring. Enjoy!